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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  June 20, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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that's going to do it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki. up next, donald trump's fired campaign manager corey lewandowski joins peter alexander. you do not want to miss this. "mtp daily" starts right now. it's monday, rebellion surge inside and outside the trump campaign with a new republican effort to dump trump on the same day trump dumps his campaign manager. it's "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening and welcome to "mtp daily" i'm peter alexander in washington in for my friend chuck todd. a major shakeup in the trump campaign as donald trump abruptly fired his campaign manager, corey lewandowski.
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lewandowski will join us here in just one moment. he had been with trump since the very beginning and up until this morning trump remained loyal to his campaign manager. in march, lewandowski was arrested for an alleged altercation with a reporter. trump stood by him then telling reporters "i don't discard people." a few weeks later lewandowski was asked about reports of campaign dysfunction and he rejected them. >> respectfully, this sounds less like a presidential campaign and more like "game of thrones." >> you know what this is? this is media hype. the media wants to perpetuate this story that there's infighting moens the campaign. we're winning. this team is very cohesive, it's small, lean, efficient and it will come at hillary clinton for this presidency come november. >> things have gone downhill quickly since that time. trump has been derided by party leaders for a string of incentive the and controversial
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remarks, everything from his reaction to the orlando massacre to racial attacks on a federal judge whose campaign operation has fallen well behind the financial juggernaut of his rival hillary clinton he's tumbling in the polls. down seven in the newest monmouth university polls and there has emerge add group of delegates intent on a convention coup. lewandowski seemed to pin the blame on trump's top strategist telling the a.p. "paul manafort has been in operational control of the campaign since april 7. that's a fact." sources tell nbc news that manafort will become the trump campaign manager. joining me now is former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. corey, nice to see you. appreciate your time on this day. the simple question out of the gates was why were you fired? >> peter, let's look at the campaign and where we are and what we've overcome already.
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donald trump entered this race a political novice, never having run for offers in any way, shape or form before, in 12 months he went from entering a race to becoming the republican nominee. during that process, he vanquished 17 opponents, run 37 states. >> all the more reason you should still be the campaign manager if you'd had such a successful run. what was the reason you were given and who communicated the news to you that you had been fired? >> i don't want to get into the details but this election moving forward is a binary choice. it's a choice between hillary clinton and donald trump for the presidency of this country. we have a person who has a proven track record of creating jobs in the private sector and can bring that knowledge to the public sector and a person who's lived off of the government and has enriched their own lives out of their work from government service. >> corey, understanding all those things, these are conversations we and you and other reporters have had before. none of that has changed in your opinion, so what did change today is you got fired.
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so in simple terms, did donald trump have the courtesy to tell you that you had been fired or did somebody else tell you that? >> i had a great conversation with mr. trump and it's been a privilege for me to serve the last 19 months on this campaign. i can tell you i have no regrets. it's been an honor. i respect mr. trump. i respect him more so than any other person who's ever entered this race and i will do everything possible through me and my friends and family to ensure donald trump is the next president of the united states. >> there have been questions raised about your temperament through the course of this campaign. there was a new former advisor to the campaign michael caputo who just frankly minutes after it was announced today that you had been fired tweeted a photo of the wicked witch, her shoes, and it said "ding-dong the witch is dead." a reference do you, we're told caputo has now resigned. the campaign confirming that. what does it say about your temperament that people within
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the campaign -- and a lot of them have reached out to us privately today -- thought that frankly you were the bad guy inside the headquarters. >> i don't know michael caputo and he was never paid by the campaign. he's a volunteer and he's welcome to tweet everything he wants to. >> wasn't his office on your floor, corey? >> no, it wasn't, as a matter of fact, he came in to volunteer then he went to cleveland to volunteer but you're telling me something for the first time that i've heard that he's no longer associated. what i do expect, peter, i expect every person who worked for the trump campaign works as hard as donald trump did. 17, 18 hour days on a regular basis. i never asked anybody to do anything donald trump wasn't willing to do himself. he's the hardest working individual i've had the privilege of working for. sometimes people want to go home early or do different things. i asked they do the same thing that their boss was doing. he's put tens of millions of dollars into this campaign. he's given up his life for the last year and a half to do something for the betterment of
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the country and we've asked and expected the same thing from our staff. >> you've bragged throughout the course this this campaign about the loyalty donald trump had to you and everybody on his staff. obviously that loyalty appears to have changed in the course of the last 10 hours. what happened to that? trump said he doesn't discard members of his team. >> it's not a question of loyalty. that's not the question. >> what it is a question of? >> i'm loyal to him, the decision to build the campaign bigger and broader is a good decision because you want to take on the clinton juggernaut so. >> so getting rid of you is a good decision? >> i said my philosophy has been smaller and leaner and more efficient and ensuring our resources are spent as best as possible. there are people who think building a bigger broader campaign to compete with a full time staff of 732 paid people on the clinton campaign is the right direction and that's fine. i'm confidentable with the campaign we have run. look, retrospectively it's been
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an amazing run. it's been an honor to be here and i would not change one thing. but moving forward you have to run a general election campaign and what we have seen that my philosophy has been very clear that let's look at the state by state basis and let's extend those blue states, make sure donald trump is playing, some people want to have a bigger campaign. >> clearly they don't think your philosophy was working or you'd still be there. is there anything in particular you've been blamed for in the course of this campaign or are being blamed for right now that you think is unfair? >> as the campaign manager i'm willing and able to take all the criticism that comes with that position i'm willing to share in the successes and failures. being the head of the organization, if there are failures of this campaign, they lie in my hand, that's what happens when you're a leader and there are consequences for failures whether you're the front desk person or the campaign manager. >> so you were the campaign manager. what were those failures? from your perspective, you have
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a better insight to the way this thing works than anybody, what were the failures to this point? >> looking back and seeing we didn't achieve what we wanted to in iowa. we wanted to in iowa. we met our goals to the number of votes we want to get. and while we have been privileged to win the nomination request less money spent than anybody else and get more republicans in the history of the republican party and have won 37 states here. >> but losing iowa wasn't the problem. you stuck around for iowa. you guys won 14 million plus votes, you won 38 states, you got fired now after controversial comments in recent weeks that some viewed as racially tinged, racist comments, opponents said. so what in particular is the reason you're being fired? the loss in iowa can't be the reason why. >> peter continue to get into the specifics. what i think is fair to say is that i've had the privilege of
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being part ofomething which is much bigger than any one individual and the opportunity to move this campaign forward is something that's important. we can not allow four more years of hillary clinton which is an extension of the obama administration so i will do everything i can to ensure donald trump is elected the next president of the united states whether inside or outside the campaign, talking to my friends and neighbors, calling associates, i will continue to chair the new hampshire delegation to the republican convention next month. i want to make sure that donald trump is nominated as the next republican president of the united states. >> so you're all in no matter what happens going forward. did you sign a non-disclosure agreement with the camp? >> that's internal politics that nobody cares about. >> people care about transparency and donald trump said if he gets to the white house that people behind the scenes he would prefer sign non-disclosure agreements. a lot of americans have real frustration there is isn't transparency about the way washington works. >> washington is fundamentally
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broken. you have a system where lobbyists give money to politicians in return for favors and we've seen donald trump has self-funded his campaign. is. >> so be transparent. did you sign a non-disclosure agreement? >> i can tell you my situation with mr. trump is unique to my situation with mr. trump and i can't tell you about what other people do but i can tell you this i will do everything i can to make sure donald trump is elected the next president of the united states because our country is in too much trouble if he isn't. we need to find jobs and renegotiate our trade deals and stop illegal immigrants from killing u.s. citizens the. only person will do that is donald trump. >> word association quickly with members of the family. ivanka trump. >> fantastic member of the family. so vibrant. such a great person and such a calming effect, calming experience for mr. trump and someone he's proud to have around as often as possible. >> there's some reporting her husband and you had had some run ins or that you had behind the scenes been pushing against him in some form. is that true? >> not at all.
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this campaign has been so small and tight knit that the more people involved the better. jared has an expertise in some areas that have helped this campaign. and when you look at our online presence jared pushed that forward. i'm thankful for jared. >> for the sake of transparency, history will remember what was a late departure from a campaign manager in a campaign. did donald trump have the courtesy to communicate you had been fired. how did you find out that news today? >> i did have the chance to speak to mr. trump. our conversation is private but i can tell you i reassured him to make sure he's elected president and serve in any capacity. if he wants me to or i will be the best volunteer for i can be in my home state of new hampshire. >> corey lewandowski, we appreciate your time on what 's be been a long day for you. thanks so much and we'll be in touch along the way. >> thank you. i'm joined by nbc's katy tur
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in new york city and hallie jackson on capitol hill. i posed the question corey didn't answer in our conversation but you're speaking to folks behind the scenes so give us a better understanding, why was he fired today? >> he was fired today because he was not getting along with other staffers, blocking strategy, blocking new hires and he had a bad relationship and the rnc, multiple sources inside and outside the campaign and close to the candidate confirming that set of circumstances. the problem with corey lewandowski, they say, was that he did not have the experience. they don't believe he was malicious in his atemtss to undercut his colleagues but they believe he was trying to maintain control when he was losing it to paul manafort who is increasingly becoming in charge of strategy and in charge of messaging and in charge of the relationship between donald trump and the rnc. sources say it all came to a head this morning when the
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children confronted their father and told them it was time to pivot towards the general election and put somebody in charge who had campaign experience, past presidential campaign experience. that person is paul manafort. so far, sources i've been speaking to say they hope this is going to be a positive change for the campaign. they hope manafort will be able to manage the messaging with donald trump in a way that corey lewandowski was not able to do. >> katy, thanks so much. i want to get to hallie jackson. as we start this conversation here, what's interesting is paul manafort was supposed to be the guy in charge of washington outreach. so the question corey lewandowski has to be asking himself right now is well, if this was the guy in front of washington outreach and we were getting beat up by folks on washington most recently paul ryan request when he was speaking to the host of the show, chuck todd, is was the problem lewandowski or paul manafort? the question now is what operationally will be different
2:14 pm
going forward and does this calm skittish republicans in any way? >> i think you're saying it as the news trickles out and has come out on capitol hill. republicans reacting or beginning to react to this. you mentioned comments from speaker ryan to chuck todd. that is reflected in a conversation i just had with senator john cornyn saying when it comes to, for example, the gun control debate happening here, people should vote their conscience and not be suede by whatever donald trump wants to do or for that matter other nominee or presumptive nominee, hillary clinton. it goes back to the idea of where does the conversation go from hereby? expect to see paul manna ford with lawmakers on capitol hill. he has been come for weekly meetings or at least calling in when lawmakers talk about how best to support trump. as for what happens operationally to get to your question i'm talking with sources and the sense is that the adults are in charge now. this is what i'm hearing from one top republican strategist who suggested it's not as though
2:15 pm
we'll wake up tomorrow and see a different kind of donald trump but you will wake up tomorrow and start to see a different kind of campaign, professionalized campaign which may go a long way to try to assuage some of the concerns for people who are looking at struggles with battleground states and want to see something different. >> not the first time we have heard "just wait tomorrow you'll see a newly professionalized campaign." once again we wait with a new person at the helm behind the scenes in trump campaign headquarters. hallie jackson, thanks so much. batting cleanup on this chaotic inside and outside the trump campaign afternoon we have nbc political analyst republican deal maker and elections lawyer ben ginsberg. ben, this is an extraordinary day. we've been speaking to michael beschlo beschloss. he said this has happened before but rarely just shy of a general election. give me your take of what you think was going on behind the
2:16 pm
scenes that led to the firing of corey lewandowski. >> well, turmoil in june is never particularly good. especially when it's a month before the convention. so the public reporting has talked about two competing factions within the trump campaign without denials from the campaign. so let's step that as true. if there are warring factions within the campaign that's a problem you need to correct. the fact that there are not more people on the ground, that the fund-raising has not yet hit stride are sources of worry combined with the fact that hillary clinton and her super pac are spending an awful lot of money in the next two weeks in eight battleground states to burn in, let's just concede, will be less than a positive notion about mr. trump. >> he said -- corey said his situation with trump was "unique" when i asked him about a non-disclosure agreement or
2:17 pm
whether he's being compensated. is that lawyer-speak for something? >> well, look, i know from past campaigns that it is common practice to have non-disclosure agreements. you want the campaign to speak with one voice and you want that unified so non-disclosure agreements if there is one for corey and the trump campaign would not be unusual. >> let me ask you broadly, though. is the gop stuck with donald trump right now? you've heard this talk about a potential convention rebellion to free the delegates campaign. one of the real problems is it's hard to get rid of trump if there's nobody else you're putting up in his place. is the republican party stuck as some describe it with donald trump right now? >> for donald trump to not be the nominee, it would require 2472 delegates who have never met together as a body to taken a unprecedented action within the first hour or two of the
2:18 pm
convention. that is difficult under any circumstances and you have to put the odds pretty low. the mechanical way you can do it under the rules, there are a number of different ways. that's not the hard part. but to form an organization and get the delegates to take unprecedented action, we're republicans, we're not so good with rapid change. so i think that's the challenge that the dump trump people face. >> thank you ben ginsberg, rehabilitated happy father's day to you and your family. >> same to you, peter. >> thank you so much. the senate is expected to start voting on four gun control bills at 5:30 eastern time. about ten minutes away. coming up, i'll speak with connecticut senator richard blumenthal about these amendments and whether tonight's votes are nothing more than political theater. also, in pennsylvania all eyes will be on pat toomey as he
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casts his votes. with his seat up for grab this is fall, his opponent is questioning his commitment to gun control measures. katie mcginty, toomey's democratic challenger, joins me this hour. heavily into basketball. wait. data just changed... now she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold what's she gonna likeis... six months from now? who do we have on aerial karate? steve. steve. steve. and alexis. uh, no. just steve. just steve. just steve. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple.
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2:21 pm is debuting a special digital series today on the rise of donald trump. the first piece by my colleague benjy sarlin. this is excellent. it's called "the united states of trump." it is chock full of interviews and statistics, including these figures. they caught our eye. check out our daily map today. this shows the top 20th percentile of trump support during the primaries. as you can see there, trump scored big primary wins in the northeast, especially pennsylvania, which is almost a must-win state for trump. remember, these figures are just through the primary but a base in the rust belt would be key for trump. now the flip side. the bottom 20th percentile of trump voters? trump struggled in utah, that
2:22 pm
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. a court, and if someone is not on the list, there is an emergency mechanism available to the attorney general that would you're looking live right ould now at the senate floor, there's pat toomey, the senator from pennsylvania. political theater about to get under way. we're expecting the senate to start voting on four different gun reform measures in just less than ten minutes from now. these votes, of course, come on the heels of that awful massacre in orlando and after senator chris murphy's nearly 15-hour filibuster last week. that filibuster prompting a deal with republicans to get senators to weigh in on record on gun control. none of four of the amendments come to the floor today is expected to go anywhere but senator murphy says getting senators who typically block reform to formally weigh in after the devastating events is
2:24 pm
at least a meaningful step. here are the votes that we're looking at. on background checks, two maemts are up for a vote. one for republicans, the other for democrats. it's unlikely we'll see any movement here. as for watch lists, we're once again seeing amendments for both parties. both measures were voted on soon after the san bernardino shootings, both obviously failed then. and republican senator susan collins is afraid of seeing a repeat, that's why she's proposing a compromise measure and that's where we may see some progress made. majority leader mitch mcconnell, minority reader harry reid exchanging sharp words on these measures just this afternoon. >> senate republicans should be embarrassed but they're not because the nra is happy. republicans need to put the lives of innocent americans ahead of the nra. >> no one wants terrorists to be able to buy guns or explosives. no one. instead of using this as an
2:25 pm
opportunity to push a partisan agenda or craft the next 30-second campaign ad, colleagues like senator cornyn and senator grassley are producing real solutions that can help keep americans safer from the threat of terrorism. >> my friend, nbc's luke russert has been following developments all day. he's joining with us the latest from the senate. luke, give me a sense what you're hearing coming out of these votes. we expect everything will fail today. you. >> peter, you're right about that. it's a continuation of what we've seen after these horrific mass shootings is that proposals will go forwarnd and they almos ultimately go down because the of the gulf between the republicans and democrats and also the strength of the nra. the collins compromise, something that pertains to the terrorist watch list, dianne feinstein, sponsoring the democratic amendment, she threw cold water on that compromise by collins even though it hasn't been unveiled saying it doesn't go far enough for her liking and
2:26 pm
it's safe to say she probably speaks for most democrats. what will be fascinating to look at is where do these senators that represent blue or purple states up for reelection in 2016, where do they vote on these amendments? kelly ayotte on new hampshire said she'll vote for the feinstein one as well as the cornyn one because she feel that will move it to a compromise place. i'm talking about guys like portman of ohio, toomey of pennsylvania, even marco rubio of florida. everyone who has a tough race ahead, they'll want to give themselves as much leverage as possible on this issue. even by some miracle something were to get through, unlikely to be any movement in the house and harry reid and mitch mcconnell, any compromise hurts their turnout ability with their base. they don't want to give up leverage so expect this to be more political than policy. >> we'll watch. just a few minutes away right now. joining me is connecticut senator richard blumenthal. senator, thank you very much for
2:27 pm
your time. as we've been reporting, there aren't much in the way of high hopes for the legislation to pass so give me a better understanding after the votes fail what is plan "b" if we have to move forward? what happens next? >> the plan "b" is the key question, peter, is to seek common ground which should be accessible these republican colleagues have to look themselves in the mirror and they have to look their constituents in the eye this november so they have been listening to people who have been saying enough is enough. i think we've reached a tipping point, a sea change in popular opinion. we've been deluged -- since we stood on the floor for 15 hours, senator murphy, myself and senator booker. >> with respect, you said we've reached a tipping point. i feel like that language is so familiar after sandy hook, san bernardino and even today moments from now these are all going to fail.
2:28 pm
what are we missing? there clearly isn't a tipping point or there would be yes votes. >> there will be some yes votes but here's what's changed, peter, i think, the link two terrorist extremism not only here but abroad. there is hard evidence that some shooters have been inspired or sported by isis or other enemies abroad and that rightly has changed the political dynamic. >> let me ask you specifically. speaker paul ryan on "meet the press" says a terror watch list ban could in effect blow an investigation. there are real concerns if someone goes in to buy a gun and they find out "hey, i can't get the gun because my name is on a terror list" that that would hurt an fbi about somebody who may not be aware what they're investigating. here's what speaker ryan said. >> the fbi is telling us be careful how you do this so you don't undermine or blow
2:29 pm
terrorism investigations. so we can't just be clumsy and rush to judgment and do something that harms our ability to do terrorist investigations. we have to get it right. >> simply put he says you have to get it right. how would the democrats get it right? how would proposed legislation from democrats protect against that very real concern. >> the feinstein proposal, which i am helping to lead has been endorsed by the department of justice. it supports it, as does the fbi and other law enforcement the reason is there is strong expect flblt and discretion built into this proposal so that the fbi can continue an investigation without taking action right away. the cornyn alternative establishes a standard of probable cause which actually makes it easier to arrest someone than to stop that terrorist from buying a gun. >> but to be clear, it has, like, a 72-hour window of time, right? where there would be a mini trial in effect where -- and this is the concern for
2:30 pm
republicans -- constitutional rights and due process that then the attorney general, the justice department would be able to pursue this person to demonstrate y they shouldn't get a weapon. so why isn't that enough for at least a starting place? >> a 72-hour public trial would certainly alert and inform not only that terrorist but numerous others because there would be a need to present confidential even classified material and do process is built into the feinstein proposal, very, very strong due process so anybody who's there by error on a no-fly list or watch list or any other kind of list would have the opportunity to remove that name. >> the nra's wayne lapierre gave his perspective on what would happen if omar mateen, the shooter in orlando, if his name was left on a terror watch list. here's what the chief s.e.c.ive the officer of the nra said. take a listen. >> here's what would have happened if they left him on the
2:31 pm
list. people don't understand this. there would have been a ping going to the federal government, they would have talked to the guy but putz his name on the list. there would have been a three-day delay. during that delay if the government want to stop it, they can go to court. >> pushback on that. why is that not reasonable? >> well, the government going to court would immediately alert not only him but many others but here's the important thing -- >> he would haven't gotten the weapon, right? >> he might have, he might not have. the only sure way to prevent him from getting the weapon is for the fbi to be able to stop it without a 72-hour trial and without all the other encumbrances that the cornyn proposal would impose. the only sure way to have stop mad teen from buying that weapon is the kind of procedure the feinstein proposal would impose. i know this sounds like arcane
2:32 pm
bureaucratic legalese to a lot of folks who may be listening but i can tell you as a former united states attorney, chief federal prosecutor in my state as attorney general for 20 years, enforcement of these laws depends on sure, swift action against terrorist extremists. that's what this amendment by dianne feinstein, myself and others seeks. >> senator blumenthal, we know you have votes to cast. we appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you. still ahead, our race of the day hits the keystone state. democratic senate candidate katie mcquinnginty is joining m her fight against pat toomey and how the new push for stricter gun laws is impacting this race. stay tuned. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester.
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democratic candidate katie mcginty is joining me next but first susan li has the market wrap. >> thanks, peter. the s&p added 12, the nasdaq climbed 36. a winning session for crude with oil prices climbing nearly 3%. gas prices seem to be leveling off, that's according to the lundberg survey. they're down a penny over the last two weeks and are selling at $2.37 a gallon. investors will listen to fed chair janet yellen. her testimony on capitol hill tomorrow and wednesday. that's it for cnbc, first in business worldwide. well, pretty bad at. but you learned. and got better. at experian, we believe it's the same with managing your credit. you may not be good at it now. but that's okay. because credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. and you can get better.
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i used to like that song. welcome back. right now you are looking at live pictures. this, of course, is the senate floor where voting is now officially under way on the
2:40 pm
first of four gun reform measures. we call in political theater because it's highly unlikely that any of these proposals are going to move forward in the senate much less the house. but one place that impacted these votes could be felt as at the ballot box and the senate race in pennsylvania is pitting the incumbent republican pat toomey against former chief of staff to the pennsylvania governor katie mcginty. toomey is one of the few senate republicans who supports new gun control law. he was one half of the manchin-toomey background legislation that failed after the sandy hook massacre. in the wake of the orlando shootings, toomey put forward new bills aimed at barring suspected terrorists. but they are not the ones they are being voted on. toomey is unlikely to back either of the democrat supported measures today or the
2:41 pm
legislation proposed by texas republican john cornyn. joining me from philadelphia is toomey's democratic opponent katie mcginty. we very much appreciate your time. thank you. he had a bipartisan bill in 2013 that was praised by democrat but it failed. politifact said your comments were mostly false. you said "he lent his name to a bill, did little or nothing to get it passed then has done anything but disavow any attempt to move any legislation but doesn't he get credit for being one of the few republicans to work across the aisle and come up with some bill that would in fact have made some progress on this issue of background checks. >> well, that's just the point and we would love to see that. but senator toomey talks a good game on this critical issue but
2:42 pm
really has done little or move forward today would be the opportunity to remove all doubt about his serious of purpose on this. these measures are serious measures. most people on the streets of philadelphia say do something. at least do an effort that would close a loophole that allows terrorists or criminals to be able to purchase weapons in our country. these are bare basic minimum efforts that we can and should take and senator toomey has made clear he's voting against these efforts. >> to be clear when i was at the senate a couple days ago i saw senator manchin and others who said they have still been communicating to try to find some compromise here. senator toomey's bill would have denied terrorists on attorney general created watch list from getting a firearm. would you have voted for his bill? >> well, i think we have bipartisan legislation that is
2:43 pm
going to be discussed and maybe is on the floor right now. this is the opportunity to join democrats and republican senators to close that terror loop held hole. it's up to demonstrate to senator toomey that he doesn't just talk a big game on this. >> but at the time he campaigned for it, he spoke publicly about it, held media appearances. isn't that what we want from our lawmakers on both sides of the aisle? >> let's be clear. after that legislation three years ago was defeated and not by a wide margin, the senator declared "that's it, the senate has spoken, let's move on." after san bernardino the senator absolutely refused to reintroduce his own legislation and as the legislation was put on the floor to close the terror loophole then the senator voted against taking that common sense
2:44 pm
measure. unfortunately, here we are again with another tragedy and the senator has made clear once again that he's not joining his republican and democratic colleagues who r acting today to close that loophole. it's not a big ask. this is about ensuring that known or suspected terrorists don't have access to the weapons of war. it seems that on this issue the senator could make clear what his believes are by casting an affirmative vote. >> to be clear, he hardly disavowed the amendment he was a part of. he wasn't against the legislation, he said he supports the measure. he voted for it again in the most recent time when it failed he just wasn't the one to pro introduce it. i want to ask you more broadly about some down-ballot republicans being afraid of this trump effect but in your home state he is quite popular in western massachusetts with working white -- working class
2:45 pm
white voters right now. how do you counter his support, perceived or not, in large swathes of pennsylvania? >> well, i think it is one of those critical issues that the people of pennsylvania are asking, pat toomey, where do you stand in is do you stand with donald trump or do not you stand with donald trump? he has supported the bad trade deals. pat toomey has supported and defended those tax loopholes that encourage companies to surge our jobs overseas. >> so you agree that these are bad trade deals. you oppose the trade deals. >> we have to fight to good-paying jobs in our country. these trade deals have led to a loss of good middle-class family sustaining jobs. these are the loopholes that pat toomey has been for, just as
2:46 pm
he's worked to privatize social security, voucherize medicare and make sure parents have a hard time as he's voted against college affordability. it's an out-of-the-mainstream track record. the senator talks a good game about being moderate on guns but when it comes to action his actions have not follow his rhetoric. today we'll know. the bills are on the floor, a yes vote from senator toomey with his bipartisan colleagues will show all. >> ms. mcginty, we appreciate your time. thanks. >> thank you. >> we'll be back with the lid after this short break. stay tuned.
2:47 pm
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the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double. right now, the senate is voting on four gun-related bills. we'll follow the voting as we speak on capitol hill. we'll bring you news just as soon as it happens. the lid is next.
2:49 pm
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weinto a new american century. bo with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ it's not a question of loyalty, that's not the question. donald trump. >> what is it a question of? >> i'm loyal to him. the decision to build the campaign bigger and broader is a
2:51 pm
good decision because you want to take on the clinton juggernaut. we have been able. >> getting rid of you is a good decision, corey? >> i didn't say that. my philosophy is smaller and leaner and more efficient and ensuring resources are spent as best as possible. >> that was part of my interview just a short time ago this hour with donald trump's now fired campaign manager. for that it time for "the lid." for the actual lantic and jamal. so i'll do my best in the conversation. if we can just starting things off right now, clearly corey was reluctant to say anything but positive things about donald trump today. so what did we just witness and what is the impact? >> well, this will certainly go down in the weird moments of the 2016 campaign season but i think corey lewandowski is showing
2:52 pm
what a loyal servant he got rid of and seeking to show he made a mistake and i think the interesting thing donald trump told us what a great manager he is had two employees today basically fighting like sorority girls no longer on his campaign. >> as one advisor said, running a campaign is like a popup billion-dollar corporation. in this case, maybe not a billion-dollar corporation depending on the fundraising success. for all the talk about staff, paul, donald trump drives this train and as much as today he says watch, you're going to professionalize the campaign, how many more tries does he get at this? >> look, he's not the first candidate to have a shakeup in the campaign. what i think is significant about this for donald trump is that up until now, it was possible that he didn't actually think that anything was going wrong with his campaign, right? it was possible that he was living in sort of an evidence free bubble only looking at the polls where he looked good.
2:53 pm
only listening to the people at his rallies cheering everything he said and not able -- and so this was a successful intervention by people that he trusts and it shows that he is capable of listening to that kind of advice. now to the question of whether we're going to see a new and different donald trump, people have been saying that for a year and it hasn't happened and to your point, what people like about trump is that he's his own man. it's hard to imagine -- >> that was what corey lewandowski said, let trump be trump and comments about the judge and the indiana-born judge who is overseeing the trump university case. is donald trump in fact capable of changing being melded as someone else may desire? >> it may be perhaps that is possible and what they are sure of today, i'm sure of today is that donald trump is not trying to get himself kicked off the republican ticket? right?
2:54 pm
there is some suspicion perhaps he didn't want to quit himself and be the nominee because it's going so badly. what we know now is he's willing to make some changes to make the campaign different, to try to go ahead and win. we'll see, though. they can't fire the ultimate problem with this campaign which is donald trump who is an erratic candidate. >> some people are trying to do that now, the free the delegates effort, talk of a convex coup and this won't be the only winner in cleveland, the cavaliers. we got another winner in a month from now. it may be wishful thinking. will there be a convention coup. is it possible to have one? >> quickly to the lewandowski, i don't know if the campaign is going to change course. booting trump from the ticket, there is an effort underway and i think having the delegates freed by the rules committee is certainly plausible. there is 112 members.
2:55 pm
it would take a majority and less than that to bring it to the floor but i think it would be hard to have a coordinated effort. >> there is nobody else -- >> 2,000 -- right, over 2,000 of these guys never met each other before to actually coordinate a movement on the first day -- >> a movement requires a heads so who takes over? >> too little too late is con s consistently the theme. i would say maybe to be a little contrary that so many i'm implausible things happened. >> how does this play out as one republican joked. if hillary clinton were campaign manager for however many months she probably wouldn't have done anything to harm the campaign. >> what happens going forward if hillary clinton were the campaign manager she wouldn't have proposed things we're seeing having happened in the donald trump campaign. so it was so miserable i was with democrats today wondering at some point he's got to do something that proves he really wants to be president so we can
2:56 pm
campaign against it and coordinated way. i think nobody wants to be a sit back and be self-congratulatory but we know donald trump is not making this difficult for hillary clinton right now. >> jamal simmons, nice to see you guys. thank you very much. appreciate it. we'll be right back. tomobile ine i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. bp drilling teams train in virtual reality simulators in here, so we're better prepared for any situation out there. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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back quickly with the lightning round as we look at the senate floor. is there any compromise at the end of the four votes? >> no. >> nothing?
3:00 pm
>> you said lightning round. [ laughter ] >> nice and quick. hard to imagine. these are the smallest four-member measures that could possibly propose and if that's still too polarizing, where is the compromise? >> the people that care more about keeping guns, care more than people that want to have gun control. >> appreciate you being here. that will do it for us tonight. chuck will be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. "with all due respect" starts now. donald trump used the signature line you're fired today. >> donald trump with a message for the campaign manager, you're fired. >> but now all of a sudden, you're fired. >> you're fired. >> you're fired. >> and you're fired. >> you are fired. >> go home. go home. ♪ ♪ there's no place like home. there's no place like home. there's no place like home,